19 days old

Kiwi’s way of making her bed…

First try with “real dogfood”. They really liked it!

Isi is so curious, but don’t dare to come all the way inside the puppy-box yet…

Miss White loving the “worm”

Everybody loves the worm! 🙂

First visit outside

Isi is so curious about the puppies, but so gentle and nice

Want to play?? A little bit early for that Isi! 🙂

Kiwi and 4 of her puppies. Kiwi loves the fact that she can eat whenever and how much she pleases, and she takes advantage of it..

She is maybe a little bit to fat, even tough she needs energy to feed her puppies.. 🙂

My sister June with the puppies

The two bestfriends

And this is how tired one gets after spending 45 minutes outside when you are 19 days old! 🙂