29 April 2012

2018-04-02T12:15:59+00:00April 29th, 2012|News 2012|
We have attended 2 national shows this weekend in Eidsvoll, Norway. On Saturday we had Juba and Leon entered for judge John Wauben, and they both gained VG. They both got nice critiques, but needed to mature and develope more all over. 
 MLH4607  MLH4608  MLH4618  MLH4668
On Sunday we had Juba and Kani entrered for judge Eli-Marie Klepp, which also handed out 2 VG’s to our juniors. She also thought they needed to mature, but they got a very nice critique I absolutely could agree with. Kani charmed his way to the judge, who said: “powerful beautiful junior (…) large dog with a wonderful temperament, good luck in the future“. I couldn’t be happier for this words about our golden boy! A sweet temper hangs much higher for me than anything else.
 MLH4730  MLH4731  MLH4698  MLH4708
As the judge also pointed out, Kani needs more muscles in his paws. He had lost a lot of muscles when we got him back from the guidedog-school. We are working on building muscles on him, but he will need much time and careful training to get better. But he is slowly getting better and better! The most lovely boy no matter how he looks!…