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22 June 2012

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I have put together a little album called “Juno’s earspecial”. I often find photos on facebook of her, never wearing her ears like she should. So it was time to collect them in a little album 🙂 Take a look at the album HERE.
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19 June 2012

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Other Wayosi’s have also been active during the weekend. Aragorn have participated at a weekendcourse in obedience and Varga have attended a search-course (search for lost people in the forrest) and impressed the instructors with her motor, motivation, learningabilities and mentality! I stole some photos of Aragorn (Wayosi All Fired Up) and his owner Marianne. Especially one photo shows so much love! 
Nephora (Dahidos Canephora av Hilandra – Sheriff x Hilandra) have also been out this weekend, and was rewarded Excellent 2 with Ck in working/huntingclass at SRRS Speciality at Årsta castle! Congratulations 🙂
We are so proud of all of you!

120617Aragorn 120617Aragorn2 120617Aragorn3 120617Nephora

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17 June 2012

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Maggie (Wayosi A Kind Of Magic) have had her debut in the official showrings, and juniorclass. Hanna had entered her to SRRS Stockholms specialityshow at Årsta castle, and even though Hanna was nervous Maggie would act like the little monster she is, Maggie was a little angel and behaved beautifully with superhandlers Johanna Falk and Helena Boberg. Maggie managed to gain ecxellent and place as # 1 in juniorclass with Ck (out of 8 entered), and was thanked of in best female when it was only 6 dogs left. So what a debut! I could not be happier! Doing good at show is one thing, but the thing I am the most happy with, is to see that Maggie is just as easygoing and social as her mother, father and siblings, and couldn’t care less when some complete strangers takes the leash, offers some treats and enters the showring with them. Just the way I want them to be 🙂
Maggies album is updated with new photos from the show and at home and her critique can be seen her.

17062012-IMG 1446 17062012-IMG 1454 17062012-IMG 1464 17062012-IMG 1477 17062012-IMG 1524

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15 June 2012

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Hektor (Wayosi Anything But Ordinary) have been visiting us for some days, and this was the first time we saw him after he moved to Sweden at 8 weeks. He lives on a farm with horses in Sweden, and enjoys the life of a farm-dog. I was very happy to see that he have developed into a stunning male, and have the wonderful mentality as the rest of his siblings have! I can’t wait to see what the future brings for this wonderful dog! See stacked photos here, head photos here and mixed photos here

 MLH6071  MLH6156  MLH6165  MLH6163  MLH6317 

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120615 ~ Hektor visiting

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Hektor (Wayosi Anithung But Ordinary) visited us for the first since he moved to Sweden at 8 weeks, so I was so happy to see him again. He have developed into a stunning and powerful male, with an amazing sweet personality. Can’t wait to see what the future brings for this lovely fellow!
This boy can move!!
Hektor follows Isi everywhere, he thinks she looks heavenly 😉
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13 June 2012

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Our A-litter turned 11 months 9th of June, and I can’t believe how the time is flying away! Almost all the girls have had their first heat, the boys are developing into big powerful males, an I’m happy to see that they have not forgotten what they have learned from daddy Sheriff, and are submissive and shows a very good language around other dogs. Let’s hope it stays that way 🙂 I have gotten some short movies of Maggie were she takes her first swim, and rocking around at home 🙂 We also met up with Kani at obedienceclass last day, and I took some photos of him with my phone. He is such a sweet “little” big baby, and have now rounded 45 kilos! 45 kilos of gold, as his owners says 😉


120613Kani 120613Kani2 120609Juno 120609Maggie 120609Kani

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09 June 2012

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I’m happy to see that Sheriff’s blood is continued with his lovely offspring and their puppies! Damisis Ariana “TIISHA” (Sheriff x Olivia) got 8 puppies 11 May 2012 with stunning Sorbonne, and I’m so exited to follow these little hearbreakers! There are 5 males and 3 females, were 2 of the males are ridgeless and one female with 3 crowns. No DS, no kinks or any other faults!

Sheriff’s stunning son, and my big LOVE, Damisis Aboisso “DIEZEL” (Sheriff x Olivia) will sire a litter in Holland during 2013/2014 with lovely Red Packs Addicted To My Way “LANA” at Kennel Kuanzia Kani. I have met Lana personally, and she have just as amazing mentality as Diezel. I’m following with exitement 🙂

120608Tiisha 120608Diezel

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08 June 2012

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I have completely forgot to show everyone the wonderful gift I got from our lovely puppy-byuers for my 30th birthday! One day in May Leon and Juba with owners came driving into our courtyard with the most amazing gift from ALL our lovely A-litter “puppies” and owners. On top of that they had been planning this secretly on a facebook-page they had created and made secret for me, for several months! I have now gotten accsess to the “secret” facebook-page, that are open for people with Wayosi-dogs 🙂

THANK YOU SO MUCH! This meant a lot to me, and I’m so happy to have the most fantastic puppy-family! Love you ALL! 🙂


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07 June 2012

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I have gotten a lot of new photos of the “puppies” from our A-litter. Click their names to see the photos – Juba, Juno, Leon, Maggie. I also put together a little collage of Juno, Juba, Kani and Maggie showing of their sofa-sitting-styles, that they share with a lot of their full- and halfsiblings 🙂


120527Juno 3kopi 120527Leon 120607Maggie01 collage

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