09 June 2012

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I’m happy to see that Sheriff’s blood is continued with his lovely offspring and their puppies! Damisis Ariana “TIISHA” (Sheriff x Olivia) got 8 puppies 11 May 2012 with stunning Sorbonne, and I’m so exited to follow these little hearbreakers! There are 5 males and 3 females, were 2 of the males are ridgeless and one female with 3 crowns. No DS, no kinks or any other faults!

Sheriff’s stunning son, and my big LOVE, Damisis Aboisso “DIEZEL” (Sheriff x Olivia) will sire a litter in Holland during 2013/2014 with lovely Red Packs Addicted To My Way “LANA” at Kennel Kuanzia Kani. I have met Lana personally, and she have just as amazing mentality as Diezel. I’m following with exitement 🙂

120608Tiisha 120608Diezel