11 July 2012

2018-04-02T12:15:53+00:00July 11th, 2012|News 2012|
We had a visit from Kaizer and his family yesterday, and it was so nice to see him again. We have not seem him since november, so I was happy to see that he have developed into a strong, masculine male with a wonderful temperament. He is very playful, loves his family and especially their 4-year old and he have inherited mum Kiwi’s love for hunting flies 🙂 Kaizer will be tried in hunting for Moose, deers and birds, as well as Lynx this fall. It will be very exiting to see how it goes. He have some very sound hunting-instincts, and I think he will be doing quite well. Some pictures of him here.
 MLH7202  MLH7243  MLH7252  MLH7312