4 August 2012

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There haven’t been any big news lately, but I have collected a bunch of nice photos from our “puppies”. We have been here and there on holidays, the dogs have come with us off course, and we have been training obedience and tracking. It’s been a long time since I have trained obedience with Sheriff, but he surprised me by still knowing all the exercises and worked with such a joy and happiness. I’m so happy to see that he still have the sparkle at a age of 7 year. Isi have also trained a bit this summer, and she was so happy to be able to work again. This is what she is bred for, and this is what she loves more than anything!
For the last 7 months, Sheriff have had 2 small lumps. One in the ridge and one on his shoulder. They haven’t grown, but now I decided to remove them. Histology done by my wonderful collegues showed no pathology, in other terms no danger. Sheriff and Kiwi have also been to the chiropractor, and they both had some lockups who needed some adjustments, but other than that they were all fine. So a little 7-year old service for Sheriff there 🙂
At the Swedish Specialityshow in Gysinge, Jenny Jurnelius took some photos of Kiwi, Maggie and Juba. Thank you so much Jenny! See the photos here