9 September Leon, Kani, Maggie, Juba and Kiwi traveled with us and their owners to Sätra in Sweden for their mentalitytest. The youngers are still young, and this test is a good help to get to know the dogs better. The mentalitytest is also called “mental conditions for dog training” and this is a very appropriate description for this test. For the older dogs we use the test to see “how did they end up”. 
Kiwi was first out, and she showed that she is a VERY good dog. The judges smiled when they came back with the results, and was happy to tell me that “this dog is a VERY good dog”. The test showed that Kiwi is open and social towards people, she abreacts quickly, direct and independently, she have a very good concentration and get the highest scores for nerveconstruction. She is also gunshot proof. A perfect balance between her mental traits, and a dog like this surely does not “grow on threes”. Kiwi is not just beautiful, she also have a proven wonderful mentality! 🙂 See her MT-protocol in swedish here and video of the test here
Maggie did a very good test, and even if she is only 14 months, she shows a very good balance and a very good nerveconstruction. I am sure this girl will end up to be even better than her mother Kiwi and father Sheriff. See her MT-protocol in swedish here and video of the test here
Leon also did a very good test, and he also have a very good balance and good nervconstruction. With time I’m sure this boy will get full score on nerveconstruction, abreaction and concentration, just like mummy Kiwi and sister Maggie. And just to emphasize, these scores is not easily earned! See his MT-protocol in swedish here and video of the test here
Kani and Juba also did great, and showed good nerves, concentration and abreactions. But they are still very much “puppyish” and needs time to mature. But with time and experience, I am sure these two would do just as good as their more “grown up” siblings 🙂 See Kani’s MT-protocol in swedish here and video of the test will come later. See Juba’s MT-protocol in swedish here and video of the test here
It’s important to remember that the youngsters are only 14 months old, and there are still happening much in their minds at this age. But I’m extremely happy to see that all our dogs tested this weekend either got relatively good nerveconstruction or good nerveconstruction, showing that they are strong and concentrated, abreacts quickly and reacts correctly in every situation.
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