05 November 2012

2018-04-02T12:09:07+00:00November 5th, 2012|News 2012|
Nothing much is happening here these days, certainly not with Isi and her heat 😉 We are still waiting for her heat, it should be right around the corner! In the meantime we try to do some usefull stuff, and this weekend I attended “Oppdretterskolen Kurs 1”, translated to breeder-course 1, who is a course the Norwegian Kennel Club is arranging for new and old breeders. The courses are very educational and it should be mandatory for all breeders I think. The speakers was Astrid Indrebø and Hilde Bremnes, and NKK region Oslo/Akershus was the organizers of the course, in which I am a secratary, and thus had to help out. One of the best citations from this course was: “The basis for progress in dog-breeding? Cooperation, openness and honesty. Do not punish the honest, and “reward” those dishonest. Work together for the best of the breed. Talk with each-other, not just about each-other. ” I will for sure try to remember that as long as I can!
I have “stolen” some new photos of Hektor, Juno, Enya and Kani 🙂
Hektor celebrating Halloween :-) Juno Juno Enya Kani