08 November 2012

2018-04-02T12:09:07+00:00November 8th, 2012|News 2012|
A couple of weeks ago, Isi was chosen to participate in a tv-commercial for one of Norways largest newspapers. I was asked to learn Isi to put her head to the ground, among other easier stuff. So I sent Isi with my good friend Geir to the shooting of the commercial, together with his border-collie Fight. They were away for almost 8 hours, and the result was 6 seconds of glory and fame 🙂 Geir was very proud of them both when he came home, saying that they were both calm and easy, concentrated and focused. The enironment in the studio was quite different than what they are used to, with much light, sounds and people. But the two girls was a pure joy to work with, and I was very happy and proud to hear this 🙂 It shows that a dog with good nerves and a good head can cope with every situations presented to it! Se the TV-commercial here