09 December 2012

2018-04-02T12:09:06+00:00December 9th, 2012|News 2012|
Last week while I was in Gothenburg, I met up with Juno (Wayosi Another Sunny Day) and Emma while I was there. It was so nice to see them again, and impartially I think Juno is a wonderful supersweet female 🙂 She have a wonderful expression, is happy and playful and a just adorable little devil in disguise 😉 See more photos of Juno here.
Last sunday we met up with Leon, Kani and Juba while we took Sheriff and Isi with, and took a walk on the winter-closed golf-course at Losby. While the sun was up we didn’t feel the cold so much, but when the sun disappeared behind the threes, we could very much feel that it was -15 degrees celsius. Se photos from the little get-together here.
Kani, Leon and Juba Leon and Juba The group Juno Juno Juno