While her co-owner Hanna have been on holiday, Maggie have stayed with us for 2 weeks, and will stay for one more week. That is if we want to give her back, at the moment I am not so sure if I want her to go 😉 Maggie is a wonderful female, who have inherited the best from her mother and father. She is curious and full of energy, strongminded yet easy to correct and totally unafraid. She is the kindest little girl and have been wonderful with the children in our family during the christmas-visits. Sheriff thought she was a handful the first days, but now he have changed his mind and allows her to play with him and tease him, and he is more and more treating her like a princess 🙂
While Maggie have been her we have been out for some walks, and some times we brought the camera. See photos from our christmas-eve walk here, meeting with Kani & friends at the “dog-corner” at Ekeberg and a little walk in our favorite forrest here. We also took Maggie to this years last show in Norway, and she was a pleasure to bring to the show, totaly relaxed and behaved wonderful. She also impressed the judge, and ended up as Best Female 3 with res.CAC. So year 2012 ended great 🙂
With this we wish all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR
Maggie The gang Isi Maggie