We are planning a new litter with Tappinskis Peach And Passion “KIWI” during summer 2013. We expect Kiwi to come in heat may/june 2013, with pups being born july/august. Kiwi have had one litter before, our A-litter, and in this litter all puppies are healthy and crazy, 7 are x-rayed with hips A/A and hips 0/0 and they are all showing very promising mental qualities. 
We have not completely decided about a male, but we have a few excellent candidates. Our main concern in the search for a suitable male is mentality and health. We want to produce pups with excellent mentality who have all the mental qualities a ridgeback should have, in a sound body with health to live a long life. Stay tune, and we will introduce Mr.X when the time is right 🙂 Read more about Kiwi and the planned litter HERE.
Wayosi Another Sunny Day “JUNO” attended MyDog double international show in the beginning of january, and she gained excellent 3 the first day, and excellent 2 with champion quality the second day. Read her critiques here. Big congratulations Emma and Sebastian, well done! 🙂
We went for another walk, this time together with Leon and his family. Leon was super happy as always, while Maggie thought that he was just a tiresome brother. But Leon did not let that get into him, and enjoyed running around and teasing the others 😉 See photos from our walk here
I have updated with some new photos of Hektor here, Juno here and Leon here
Planned litter 2013 Juno Leon Hektor