Long time no see…. Roll Eyes We have had a cold winter here in Norway, and haven’t seen much of the sun either.. But the last days we have had wonderful sunny Norwegian winter-weather and I’m tired of sit inside my office and look at the wonderful sun outside! We have been out walking with friends and other RR-fanciers now and then, and off course the camera had to join. Look HERE for some fantastic photos of Maggie and friends in Stockholm shot by Maggie’s owner Hanna. Look HERE for photos from a little RR-meeting in our district were several Wayosi-monsters joined. And look HERE for some photos from a little Wayosi-meeting at Losby golfcourse near us. 
People are asking me for information about the sire to our planned litter with Kiwi this summer, but you have to wait a bit longer untill everything is finally decided. I promise that it is a male with excellent mentality and health, and maybe Mr.X and Kiwi will produce some nice looking wayosi-monsters also 🙂
The A-litter is booked in for MH (mentalitydescription) May 5th, and we are having a kennelweekend in Arvika at the same time. Can’t wait to get all the pups and owners together again 🙂
Hektor Juba Juno 
Sheriff Kiwi and Isi Sheriff