The easter holidays is soon over us, and we are looking forward to sunshine and long trips cross-country skiing. 
Two weekends ago Juba was with us over the weekend, and we went for a long walk in Oslo with Kiwi. Mother and daughter are both a pleasure to have around, and they sure are two lovely dogs. I have also gotten two photos of Hektor, and he have developed into a strong and lovely male. He lives his life on a horse-farm, and likes to stay warm and cosy in the sadle-room. I wish we could say that he have won all the lovely rosettes on the sadle-room, but it’s his owner Mailinn’s horses that have won them 🙂 I also recieved a photo of a tired Juno, and Sheriff’s granddaughter Daysie (Thakawi Glory Days).
Kiwi and Juba Hektor Hektor photo by Peter Engman 
130120SheriffKiwiIsi 130120Juno 130120Daysie