I have been snooping around on Facebook again and found new photos of our soon to be 2 year old “puppies”. First we have Aragorn, as a true ridgeback finding the only strip of sun in the apartment. Then we have Kani from a walk in the forrest, were he was occupied with greeting all the other people stopping at the same spot for some food. Everyone got a kiss from Kani 🙂 Then we have Leon in his usual position in the couch. He is a very energetic dog outside, but inside he is relaxed and enjoys a good sleep. Then I found a photo of Hektor playing with one of his friends, it’s lovely to see how much he enjoys it! Hektor have also been to the vet for his x-rays, and I don’t think his owners ever have seen his so relaxed as when sedated 😉 I was super proud to hear from Hektor’s owner Mailinn that the vet had said they never had met such a beautiful and friendly ridgeback. Well done Mailinn 🙂 Last but not least I found a photo of sweetie Juno, looking like she is planning some new mischief 😉
Aragorn Kani Leon 
130403Hektor3 130403Hektor4 130406Juno1