Last weekend 7 of 10 dogs from our A-litter was entered to mentalitytest – MH (mentalbeskrivelse) at Arvika Brukshundklubb. Airedale-Uno was also entered. Some of us came on friday, and had a wonderful evening with barbeque, laughter and a lot of talking 🙂 On Saturday we had a quite day, went for a walk, took some photos and had a barbeque again 🙂
On Sunday all the dogs did their MH, and I am very pleased with the result. The litter is quite even, no one stands out compared to the others very much. They are all social towards people, they are very playful and can relax when needed. They don’t get very afraid, abreacts quickly, and have no remaining fears. They can get angry if needed, but are balanced and don’t do any mistakes. They feel good by themselves, and don’t have any problems with everyday-life.
MH is a very good tool for evaluating a combination, and to see what mental qualities each dog possesses. The results from a mentalitytest goes in the big puzzle, and together with your own experiences with the dog, it could help to describe what kind of dog this is. I’m happy we also filmed all the dogs, because it could help explain some of the crosses in the protocol that seems a little weird or are difficult to understand. If someone have any questions about any of these dogs and their results, feel free to ask. Maybe you get a little wiser 😉
Follow the links to each dogs own side, to find links to MH-protocols and videos. I have lost the memorycard with photos from the MH (!!), but hope to find it during 2013…. :-/
Wayosi All That Jazz “Juba

Wayosi Amazing Grace “Varga
Wayosi Anything But Ordinary “Hektor
Wayosi A Kind Of Magic “Maggie
Wayosi Another Sunny Day “Juno
Wayosi Achy Breaky Heart “Kani
Wayosi Ambitions By Cheriff “Leon
Herr Uno Von Thekla “Uno
See some more photos from the weekend here and some photos of Hektor at home here
 MLH2178  MLH2245  MLH2305  MLH2414