Our A-litters MH (mentalbeskrivning hund – dog mentality assessment) have been published in the Swedish Kennelclubs database, and this is how it looks like. As a summary the litter is social, playful, have high interest for chasing/hunting a prey and have good nerves – more than the average RR. They are moderate regarding ability to get angry and are more or less on the breed average.
The first diagram belongs to Hektor. He shows us what we already suspected – that he is a very good dog and that he have a lot of good qualities. He is a little bit more of everything compared to the total of the litter, and after this test I am happy to say that we will offer him for breeding if the right female comes along. I am sure he have lots of good qualities to contribute to in the breeding.
The next diagram belongs to Leon, wich also did a good test – just as we had expected. Compared to Hektor he showed a little bit less playfullness, but all in all he is just as strong as Hektor, just a bit cooler type 🙂 We also think that Leon have something to contribute to the breeding, so he will also be available for breeding if the right female comes along.
The third diagram is Kani‘s. Just as we expected, he had matured since his MT at 14 months of age. He is a kind, social and very playful boy and have very good nerves. He actually did not show any agression at all – he is just cool and selfassured –  kind of Ferdinand the Bull 😉 
Firth diagram belongs to Juba. She had also matured since her MT at 14 months, but she also surprised us a bit.  She got a low value on sociality, but that was more due to a little careful testleader , rather than fear. As the judge said – she likes people, but on her conditions. Typical RR you say? 😉 She is extremely playful, have high interest for hunting and since her last MT at 14 months she had matured a lot. She was not very scared, she abreacted quickly, but the judge said that he thought she was very difficult to read. She is trotting and sniffing around during the whole test, and that is just the way she is. Always looking for something to stick her nose into. To our surprise she reacted a bit to the shot, a sign that it probably was a little “overload” for her. But she haven’t reacted to shooting before, neither on the MT-test. So in many ways we feel that the Juba we saw this day, wasn’t completely the Juba we know from everydaylife. We will test her again when she gets a little older, in order to get to know her a little bit better.
The fifth diagram belongs to Juno. We was very exited to see how Juno did on the test, as she is a very impulsive dog and is certainly not the easiest dog around. Juno did quite well on the test, but was not very interested in playing and chasing a pray this day, so a bit lower than the average RR there. But she is social and friendly, and even if she gets afraid she abreacts quite nicely with no remaining fear. 
Next diagram is Maggie‘s. She attended MT at 14 months, were she did great. So we had high expectations for her this day. She did just as good as we expected, but she was ghostpregnant and tired after beeing away for the whole weekend – so her total scores on playfulness and hunting is lower than we would have expected. But she shows the right reactions to the threat and abreacts with no remaining fear. I am very satisfied with the results, and if Maggie stays healthy, I hope that we will have a litter after Maggie in the future. 
Seventh diagram belongs to Varga, who was travelling with us this weekend, away from her owner for the first time. Varga reminds me very much of her mother Kiwi, and by experience I know she will need more time to mature, and in a couple of years I believe she will do a very good MT. She did well on her MH, she is playful and have quite a lot instincts for hunting. She needed a little bit more time to abreact and had little or no remaining fear. Varga is a very good doog in both body and mind, and I am looking forward to see how she matures.
The last diagram belongs to Uno, our youngest Airedale. The red line is the average Airedale Terrier, and the green filling is Uno. It’s needless to point out why we only use these lines.. It’s a little bit more of everything, but in my opinion is Uno a Airedale Terrier as it should be. Our little ferrarri 😉