We attended the Swedish Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialityshow 2013 in Höör south in Sweden last weekend, and as always we had a great time with good friends and fantastic dogs. Once again we were blessed with lovely weather, altough it from time to time was a bit to hot..
I haven’t competed with my own dogs in obedience for some years, but this year I had entered Isi in Obedience class 1 and Sheriff in Obedience class 2. As always I did not prioritze to train and prepare for the competition, and when entering the ring, both dogs had 2 training-sessions on their back, after 2 years doing everything else than obedience… But both dogs did their very best and I couldn’t be more happy with their efforts. Sheriff was number 3 of 4 in obedience class with 129/180 points, beaten by a retriever and our good friends Camilla and Kito. I was so satisfied with Sheriff, and it felt really good to enter the obedience-ring with him again. He was obedient and happy and did the absolutely best he could. We had some mistakes, that was entirely my fault due to my own lack of training and routine. But I still have a smile on my face when thinking about how fun it was to compete again. And I am delighted that Sheriff still is healthy and a eager worker.  This was Isi’s first official start in Obedience class 1, and she just as well won the entire thing with 153/180 points, only 7 lousy points from 1.prize and our first leg for the LP1 title. But I am more than happy with Isi, and she was a delight to compete with. I never imagined that we would do as well as we did! We got 10,10, 8, 0, 9.5, 5, 10, 9 and 9 as scores, and the 0 and 5 was enturely my fault as I used aunnecessary extra commands. This experience made me think about why I haven’t been out competing for a while, and this fall we will enter the obedience-ring again 🙂
This years judge for the show was Mr Richard van Aken from South-Africa. 120+ dogs was entered, and the judge handed out only 55 excellent, the rest recieved Very Good. Sheriff was entered in Veteran class for the first time, and was one of many to recieve a Very Good. Also Sheriff’s son Damisis Aboisso “Diezel” recieved a Very Good from Open Class. Luckily we had some lovely Sheriff-daughters entered who saved our day. Wayosi A Kind Of Magic “Maggie” recieved excellent from Intermediate class but was thanked of as number 5. Dahidos Canephora av Hilandra “Nephora” was best working class female with excellent and CQ, and ended up 5th Best Female. Thank you all friends and “relatives” for yet a wonderful weekend 🙂 See more photos here.
 MLH4251  MLH4263 130707lp1web 130710web  MLH4348  MLH4454  MLH4532  MLH4538  MLH4614 130710monamarie  MLH4709  MLH4743