Isi was 4 years old yesterday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet little Isi! 
I have gotten photos of some of our A-litter monsters, and have also been snooping around on Facebook and stealing photos 😉 Juba have been to the mountain in Norway with owner Trine and some photos from Juba’s summer can be seen here. Juno have spent time along the Swedish coastlines with her owner and their family, more photos here. Leon have been out driving in Norway and spent time in beautiful Norwegian nature, more photos here. Maggie have spent her summer with owner Hanna and “big-sis” Disa sputh of Sweden – photos here. Enya have been out boating and spent time with her family – photos here. Kani have had summer jobb at owner Ingunn’s work, and trotted around Oslo Centrum and spent time in Oslo’s forrest, see photos here. Varga have been with her family at the beach, photo here
130724Juba02 130724Juba04 130724Juno03 130724Juno01 130724Leon05 130724Maggie01 130724Maggie03 130724Maggie04 130729Enya04 130724Kani06 130724Kani05 130724Varga01