Juba joined our household last week and as always she settles in nicely and becomes a part of our pack. Isi is especially happy to have Juba staying with us, as she then have a never tired buddy that also wants to play outside all day long. Juba also appreciate a lazy time on the couch with her head in my lap and both Isi and Juba follows me like a shadow, always wonder what I am doing and seeing if there are some mischief they can do.. Juba also tagged along with me to my work in Oslo, and relaxed for a whole day on her blanket in the lab. For lunch we went outside in the busy Oslo saturday, and she was a delight to have with us for lunch. Good girlie!
Juba also attended the International Show at Bjerke and recieved a Very Good from Open Class, and comment from the judge that she needs to get more bodymass. Well, we are working on that 😉 But Juba is a lean and elegant build female so time will tell if she will ever get more mass. But I think she is gorgeous anyways 🙂
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