Kani spent a weekend in the Swedish archipelago and I got some wonderful photos of him. His owners Ingunn and Jon Sverre cannot praise him enough. He is a delight to have in the city, on the bus, on the office, in the boat and Kani always follows when they are visiting friend – and now he came along to some friends of them and behaved like the gentleman he is 🙂 See some photos from their little holiday here. here
Maggie and Hanna also had a eventful weekend with among others Rally Obedience. It was their first time in Rally Obedience Graduate class and they did great (75 points), except for a minor fault with the leash – giving them an disqualification. But you learn from your mistakes, and I am sure the duo will do just as well next time! See some photos from the competition here. They also spent some time on an island in Stockholm where the dogs can run free and play with other dogs, see photos here. here
IMG 1818 IMG 1804 130908Maggie29 130908Maggie27