We had a small get-together last weekend with KaniJuba and Varga from our A-litter, as well as daddy Sheriff, mommy Kiwi and auntie Isi. It was so nice to them again, thank you for coming 🙂 See more photos here
Maggie have gotten a new friend – her halfsister Sabaku Inus Chujitsu of Sheriff “Härja” – which lives next door with owner Hanna’s good friends Sandra, Henrik and little Olle. Härja is after Sheriff and Ridgebows Odara of Zazazela “Hiki”, wich is the halfsister of Maggie’s “big-sis” Ridgebows Nandisa of Zazazela “Disa”. So one big happy familiy 🙂 Hanna sent me some photos from one of their walks, see here.
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