Last weekend we attended Norwegian Winner Show -13 at Norwegian Trade Fairs, just about 10 minutes from our house. As board member of Norwegian Kennel Club region Oslo/Akershus, I was also involved in the technical arrangement of the show, and spent almost 50 hours from thursday – sunday at the trade fairs. But I also found time to brus the dust of my dogs, and enter them.
Isi was first out in Obedience 1, and she did a good work, even though I know we can do much better. She was very slow with her sit, due to high expectations to the reward. At least I know what we need to focus on in the future 😉 She ended up with 164/200 points, got her second 1.prize in Obedience 1, and was placed as number 10 of 19 participants. The competition was extremely high, as every contestant had to have recieved a 1.prize to enter, and the judge was also very strict. And not to forget that all other dogs was mostly border collies 🙂
Next out was Kiwi and Sheriff in the showring. They have not been showing since the Norwegian Speciality Show in may, and both was extremely happy to join me in the ring. Sheriff was entered in veteranclass, and recieved excellent and champion quality, and thus became Norwegian Veteran Winner -13. I am very happy about this title, as he now have both a championtitle, working titles and a winner title. This means that he is a beautiful dog, have good working abilities and is a healthy dog. Perfect! 🙂
Kiwi is in super shape and health now, and was also happy to join the “meatball-circus”. She wagged her tail non stop in the ring, and enjoyed all the attention she got. She recieved excellent in a very strong championclass of 13 champion females.