Newsflash of Isi

2018-04-02T11:41:20+00:00January 23rd, 2014|News 2014|

I recieved a text message from my mother, complaining about the lack of photos and updates of Isi on the homepage 😉 Isi is always around us, and I have to admit I don’t often think about take photos of our little goofy and sweet Airedale-princess! Before christmas she looked rather like a little bear with her long coat, and during christmas holidays I trimmed here completely down, trimming also her mustache and leg hair, giving her the look of a little puppy. I love this look, making it much easier after runs in the forrest, and snow will not attach to her coat. So I intend to keep her like this for a while, even though trimming experts would turn in their graves…

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