Kiwi is 50 days pregnant today, 78 cm around her belly and weighs 37,4 kg. She is in excellent condition, and still hangs with on our evening walks with the other dogs. She is desperately chasing food, and finds everything suitable as food. She is still calm and enjoys to relax in the couch, under the blanket. We notice that she grows a little everyday, and luckily for Kiwi she is not very heavy yet. We have started to get Kiwi adjusted to the puppy box, but she would rather use the bed next to the puppy box. However, Sheriff and Isi thinks the puppy box is very comfortable 😉

We can feel the puppies moving in her belly now, and it seems there are some active puppies inside that belly 🙂 The puppies have now reached approximately 75% of their birthweight and measures around 12 cm. 

 MLH7034_47d  MLH7050_48d  MLH7072_50d  MLH7079_50d