The other day I took some photos of Sheriff, and I am happy to see that he is aging with style! He is now 8 years and 7 months old, and still behaves like a young dog. I have a weak spot for that silly dog, and he is the only one of my dogs that have such control on me 😉 And for that I just love him dearly. I also took some new photos of our hairless airedale Isi, and both she and we loves her new haircut 😉 I took the liberty to steal a photo of Juno from Facebook, and I think it shows her personality very much. Silly little dog does every thing she know just to get a treat. And if it is to jump up on a small box were the paws nearly have space, so be it 🙂   

 MLH7017  MLH6932_44d  MLH6833 140213Juno