Yesterday we had a lovely day when 5 of our A-litter pups and their owners met for a small kennel-meeting with a walk in the forrest followed by some puppy-cuddling with our B-litter. It was great seeing you all again, and it was wonderful to see how well the walk did, I don’t think I heard one single angry growl! Good dogs! The dogs who was joining our walk was Sheriff, Isi, Kiwi, Leon, Kani, Varga, Aragorn and Juba, as well as my sisters dog Millie. After the walk we drove back to our place were we spent hours outside in the sun cuddling with the puppies. Thank you all for coming 🙂 More photos here
 MLH9313  MLH9329  MLH9452  MLH9342 
 MLH9365  MLH9380  MLH9397  MLH9412