We are planning our C-litter summer 2014 with our wonderful Maggie and the just as wonderful male Seke. Read more about the planned litter HERE. Maggie was mated with Seke 27th and 28th of April, and we are hoping for our C-litter to be born in the end of June. Ultrasound will be done in about 3 weeks time. Maggie and I travelled a couple of hours south of Stockholm to visit Seke, and we had two perfect harmonic matings. We enjoyed our stay in beautiful Västervik and I am so proud of Maggie who were calm and well behaved everywhere we went and was happy and curious with everything we did. Situations like this reminds me how amazing Maggie is 🙂
maggiexsekeweb  MLH2318  MLH2363  MLH2150red
140428Maggie 140428Maggie2 140428Maggie5 140428Maggie6