I have had some struggle with the webiste for a while, due to problems during upgrade to a new server and a new version of the CMS tool. Due to this, the website have been unstable from time to time and I have not been able to update. But finally everything should be back on track, and hopefully also with some better solutions here and there. The website has been updated here and there with new photos of the pups from the B-litter, as well as some new photo albums of the other dogs. 
We have enjoyed the last weeks wonderful weather and spent quite a lot of time outside in the garden, or in the forrest taking a walk or a bath in the lakes. Fia have joined us a couple of time to learn to enjoy the water like auntie Isi, but she is not convinced yet 😉 Yesterday she was exhausted after spending the day with us, and by pushing the right photo below you can see how it looked liked when she came home 🙂 We are soon expecting our C-litter to be born, and I am driving to Stockholm next weekend to bring Maggie home. This will be a very special litter for us, and we cross fingers that the pregnancy and delivery will go smoothly. 
 MLH3994  MLH4058  MLH3065red  MLH3951 thumb 140601Fia