While we are waiting for our C-litter to arrive in the end of June, we are enjoying the wonderful summer weather to the fullest! We are taking the dogs for a swim several times a week, to my favorite lake in the nearby, Abbortjern. Isi is such a good swimmer, and she just loves to throw herself in the water and fetch her toy. Yesterday Nixon joined us for a walk in the forrest and a stop at the lake. He was not afraid of the water, but wasn’t convinced it was a good idea to go to deep. But he went in to fetch his ball a couple of times, and with a little bit more training I think he will enjoy the water 🙂 See more photos here. His photo albums are also updated. We went to Stockholm this weekend to take Maggie home, but before we left we went to the beach to let the dogs take a swim. Maggie and Sheriff rather stayed on land, while Hanna’s other female Disa had a great time swimming in the lake. See more photos here. Maggie has settled in nicely and enjoys to lay on the grass in the sun, or in the shade under the pavilion. She is due in 18 days, and while we are waiting we are saving up energy 🙂
140610Isi  MLH4525  MLH4238  MLH4488