Last weekend I had signed Isi up for her debut in rally obedience class 1 (beginners class). There was 37 contestants in our class, and we ended up as 11/37 with 185/200 points and first leg for class 2. I haven’t trained a lot with Isi lately, so she was not as good as I know she can be. But this made me want to compete more in 2015, hopefully collecting a few rally titles. This weekend Ninja attended her first puppy show, 4-6 months old. It was her first time for many things.. First time inside a hall, first time with so many unknown dogs around, first time in the ring and first time with a unknown person feeling through her. But she really amazed me, being so cool and so concentrated from beginning to end. She stood like a statue in front of the judge, and was happy and comfortable. She got a nice critique, and was placed as number 2 behind lovely Blondie. 

 MLH0020  MLH0215  MLH0229  MLH0055