The “puppies” from our B-litter are now 8 months old and are starting to become young adults. I guess they have more or less reached their adult height by now, but still have some maturing to do in mass. Nixon and Buddy are both big boys, probably in the top range of the standard, while little Fia at the time being would fit perfectly in the Airedale standard 😉 She is probably not more than 55 cm, and weighing just about 24 kg. She was the smallest one in the litter when she was born, weighing only 250 grams while the other pups weighed around 500 grams. But she was a fighter, and without much help from us, she fought her way to the food and gained weight. But she never reached the others, and it seems she will just be a little girl. But what she doesn’t have in size, she compensate in personality 😉 We had a great get-together in the forest, where mum Kiwi also joined. She was as always happy to see her puppies, and was so gentle and at the same time very clear about who’s still in charge. More photos can be seen here

 MLH0483  MLH0468  MLH0465  MLH0509  MLH0519  MLH0591  MLH0662  MLH0687