Norwegian and Nordic Winner Show 2014 was held at Lillestrøm Trade Fairs this weekend, and I had entered Kiwi and Sheriff both days. We had a great time meeting new and old friends and ridgeback enthusiasts and the dogs was happy and satisfied by attending this “meat ball circus” 🙂 I am especially proud of 9,5 year old Sheriff, which won the veteran class with champion quality at the Norwegian Winner Show, giving him the new title Norwegian Veteran Winner 2014. In addition he was placed as Best Male 4, with a breed entry of 80! 4 weeks ago he removed his spleen in an acute splenectomy, but he has had a quick recovery and he is in a very good condition. I am a proud owner of such a wonderful veteran! ❤️
Sheriff by Helene Wrede Photo By Elena Kovalchuk