Our C-litter turned 5 months old yesterday, and it’s hard to believe how fast the time is flying! Now most of the pups have lost their teeth, and gotten new and stronger teeth. They are now weighing between 20 and 28 kilos, with the largest boys being in lead. Most of them have started second puppy class, and they are doing great! They are sweet and lovable puppies, but from time to time the little monsters in them show of quite well 😉 We are planning a kennel get-togehter in January, and I hope to see as many as possible then 🙂 I have stolen a couple of photos from Facebook..
Our own little keeper Ninja are also doing great, and she is a very clever little puppy, and so far she is fulfilling all my hopes and wishes for a new puppy. She is an eager worker, and learns very fast. We have already been training for a while, and at the moment we are focusing on heal, stay, down and fetching , which is going great, and she just loves it! I hope she will walk in the steps of her mother, grandfather and the rest of the 5 generations of working ridgebacks that are in her pedigree!   
 MLH0715  MLH0726  MLH0747 141125Kiito 
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