I have recieved some photos of several Wayosies, both small and large and I am happy to see that everyone is happy, healthy and being good companions for their owners. We are enjoying every day with Ninja, and especially Isi loves to have someone to play with, cuddle with and play tug of war with. Sheriff is still not sure if the whole puppy-thing is such a good idea, but some days he for a short second almost plays with her. So eventually I think he will be just as happy about Ninja, as he is about his little princess Isi 🙂 Børge and Ninja have completed puppy class, and she seems very promising as my new working ridgeback. But at this age environmental training is also extremely important, so we try to take her to the city, going by trains, relaxing at the buss terminal during rush hours etc. Just like I did with the other dogs when they were small. Looking good so far 🙂

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