Our sweet Kiwi will have her third and last litter spring 2015, and we are looking forward to hopefully have the house filled with little Wayosi monsters again. Kiwi is 6,5 years old, and we have done a full health check up on her, prior to deciding if we were going to mate her again or not. She was found to be as healthy as can be, and we are happy to see that she is in a great condition after her two first litters. She is getting better and better with age, and she is still happy, playful and enjoys life to the fullest. At the time being she is flying to France with her co-owners, and are enjoying the french vineyards in her christmas holidays. We are hoping for some photo updates eventually 🙂  Information about the male will be published eventually, so stay tuned! We are very exited about this combo, and are hoping this will give us possibilities for the future also. 

There have already been quite some interest in this combination, but we always welcome puppy buyers who fulfill our requirements and that will give a puppy from us the best life possible. Please contact us if you would like to know more about us or the planned litter, or would ask to be placed on our waiting list.