This weekend we attended this years last show, and Ninja got to have her second start in puppy class. As she turned 6 months old on December 26, she got to start in 6-9 months puppy class. She became 2nd in the class, and do we need to say it was only 2 puppies entered in the class? 😉 Anyhow, she behaved perfect, stood like a statue while the judge was looking at her teeth and feeling over her, and thought everything was just funny. Do I need to say I am very proud of my little princess? 🙂 She is just legs right now, and are quite high in the rear. Not the prettiest age, so I am anxious to see how she will develop the next months! And I hope her head will grow into those big ears of her!  😉

After the puppy show we went to the dog club where we had a fire, ate hotdogs and had a “christmas gift field search” for the dogs. It was Ninja’s first time, and she was completely clueless what to do. My bad 😉 But Isi, despite never had done it before (my bad again…) as always thought fetching was funny. Sheriff got to stay in the car, because he was freezing on his paws. At home I had to take some new photos of my little pack, and I actually think this is the first photo I have of them together! 

 MLH1383  MLH1362  MLH1380  MLH1353  MLH1462  MLH1519 141228Fetohk03  MLH1583  MLH1593  MLH1598  MLH1608