Isi and Sheriff was entered in Rally Obedience class 1 at Hadeland Hundeklubb today, and I think I am the most proud dog owner today!

Sheriff is soon 10 years old, but he is still the most happy dog, and have great joy with the weekly trainings. He had a splenectomy due to a ruptured hemangioma 4 months ago, and at the time I was not sure if he would still be with us in 2015. But he recovered extremely fast, and has been in super condition since. Last weekend he suddently got tendencies to a bloat for the very first time, but luckily we managed to prevent operation and he quickly recovered again. When you gets older, you need a little more service 🙂

So I decided to let him enter the planned competition today. And he was just amazing, working with good concentration and a wagging tail from beginning to end. I am so proud to have a ridgeback with such motivation to work, and such an happy attitude, even at the age of nearly 10 years old. Isi was the last dog entering the class 1 ring today, and she was as usual just amazing and had a fantastic heel and as always did the best she could. When we left the ring, I wondered if I had forgotten something because it felt like we were finished so fast… 

And the results? Sheriff managed to get a 1.prize with 188 of 200 points and the time 01:39 minutes, and was number 11 of 41 entered dogs! I almost started to cry, and I was extremely proud of my old man. But Isi’s was todays star, and my perfect little girl managed to win the entire class with 1.prize and 200 of 200 points with the time 01:34 seconds. All 3 dogs on the podium today got 200 points, and only 0.5 second separated us and #2. No wonder I felt we were finished so fast 🙂 The judge said our round was something of the best she had ever seen, and that made me really proud! Love my wonderful dogs! 

  MLH2288  MLH2291  MLH2334  MLH2344