Sheriff and Isi with new title RL1 in rally obedience

2017-05-07T21:08:08+00:00March 8th, 2015|News 2015|

Brag alert! I had entered Sheriff and Isi in rally obedience class 1 again today, and once again they did their best!  Sheriff proved that the oldest always knows the best, placing as number 3 (of 24) with 195/200 points and another 1.prize. With this he gained his first rally obedience title RL1 at the age of nearly 10 years old, from 3 consecutive 1.prizes of 3 entries in 2015. He is now NUCH LP1 LP2 BH NVV-13 NVV-14 RL1 Kuzonga’s Cheriff. Isi needs a little better leader that gives her time to place her tush on the ground, but she did a perfect job as always, and placed as number 4 (of 24) with 190/200 points and her 3rd consecutive 1.prize with 190+ points. She gained her first rally obedience title RL1 and is now known as BH RL1 D’ Isolde von de Drift. From what I know, Sheriff is the first ridgeback, and Isi the first Airedale in Norway qualifying for the norwegian RL1 title (NKK opened for rally and obedience title registrations from 1.1.2015). 

Nixon, who just turned 1 year old, attended his first official obedience competition ever with his owner Bente, and they did a great job in class 1! He was so calm and focused outside the ring, even tough it was a lot of noice and barking from the other dogs, a lot of people and it was inside a sport hall. There was a lot of new impressions that stole his focus a couple of time during their round, but they managed to get 161 points and was placed as number 14 in the class. Given that Nixon is so young and in the middle of his puberty, he did great and I am sure we will see a lot more of him in the future 🙂

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