RIP sweet Bissy

2017-05-07T21:01:29+00:00March 25th, 2015|News 2015|

Today sweet Bissy (Wayosi Busy Being Fabulous) was put down, due to a severe condition to her back. A couple of weeks ago she was diagnosed with severe intervertebral disk protrusion between L7 and S1, possibly also between L6 and L7, and she was having problems with walking, jumping, difficulties with rising and sitting down, and having urinary and fecal incontinence. She is now free from her pain, and we remember the little big whirlwind she was with a smile. Our thoughts are with Anna, Viola and the rest of Bissy’s family.

After we learned about Bissy’s condition, we took extra spine photos during HD/ED x-ray of her 3 siblings Buddy, Fia and Nixon, and sent to a specialist in Finland. We are awaiting the final readings, but the backs looked perfectly fine luckily. They also came back as HD A/A and ED 0/0! 

 MLH0782purple  MLH0976 140512Bissy02 Bissy2014