Ninja debute in junior class with CAC and Best Female 3!

2017-05-07T20:59:56+00:00April 5th, 2015|News 2015|

Ninja had her first entry in junior class  at national all breed show today, and since she is still a baby both in body and mind, I did not have much expectations. But Ninja stood like a statue while the judge was feeling over her, and wagged her tail all the time. In the end she was awarded Excellent and won the junior class with champion quality (CQ) and BOB junior. Later on she was placed as Best Bitch 3 with her very first CAC. So happy and proud over our young girl!

I am happy to see that Ninja is feeling comfortable in the ring, and both stands and runs like she had never done anything else. She thinks it is exiting to be at dog shows, and greets people, giving kisses to everyone who seems to need a kiss, and begs for food, and even steals from peoples pockets and bags 😉  

 MLH3135  MLH3183  MLH3268  MLH3110