Yesterday, on day 61 on her pregnancy, Kiwi decided it was time for our D-litter to enter the world. Kiwi had a very smooth and fast delivery, and delivered 10 puppies in just a couple of hours. We now have 10 puppies in the puppy box, 6 females and 4 boys. 3 correct females, 2 females with extra crowns, 1 female with single crown and 4 correct boys. First DS check ok, no kinked tails at this point and minimal white. We haven’t contacted all interested on our puppy list yet, but we will contact you shortly 🙂

Ninja got to look at the puppies when Kiwi was outside, and she is so curious about the littles ones, and just want to look at them and smell them, every chance she gets 🙂

#1 – Female, 485 grams. Correct. Purple collar
#2 – Female, 406 grams. Multi crown. Yellow collar. 
#3 – Male, 495 grams. Correct. Blue collar
#4 – Female, 430 grams. Multi crown. Pink collar. 
#5 – Female, 245 grams. Correct. Orange collar. 
#6 – Female, 440 grams. Correct. Red collar. 
#7 – Female, 420 grams. Single crown. Brown collar. 
#8 – Male, 495 grams. Correct. Green collar. 
#9 – Male, 395 grams. Correct. Black collar. 
#10 – Male, 500 grams. Correct. Beige collar. 

 MLH3400_dag60  MLH3422  MLH3424  MLH3419