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Our life outside the puppy pen

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Even though our puppies takes some time and energy, we try to give Ninja and Sheriff quality time with us, and go for long walks and take them training. Isi is a little bit jealous to be left alone while we go to training, but I have promised her that I will train with her from next week. I guess she will enjoy it tremendously! She is born to work, that one 🙂

I have attended a rally obedience course with Ninja, and she has been a super attendant! I have put time into playing and keeping contact with me from very young age, and I feel I see the results from that now. She is still very young in her head, and a couple of flies seems to fly back and forward up there, but she is still doing the best she can and the best she knows how to. See some more photos here. Sheriff has also gotten to do some training, and he is almost bursting of energy and expectation. Still a crazy, though older man 🙂 

Fia and her owner Tone is also attending the course, and she is also doing a great job and I am convinced we will see her at some competitions eventually! We also took some stacked photos of Fia, and she is developing into a lovely little girl. 

All dogs has enjoyed the last days lovely summer weather, and when we put up the pavilion on the terrace as well as the outside furniture, the dogs was right there sunbathing. We have had help from my younger sister Tina and brother Amund the last days, and Ninja really enjoys having them staying here. She is so sweet and kind with the kids and just loves being around them. 

 MLH4435  MLH4425  MLH4475  MLH4493 
 MLH4547_2  MLH4524  MLH4715  MLH4596
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24 days old

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The puppies are 24 days old today and we have moved them down stairs to a larger puppy box. Now it is time for the puppies to hear more noise, get more socialization and meet our other dogs. They have gotten their first taste of solid food, and they went totally crazy from the smell and taste of it 🙂 Now they get solid food 2 times a day, and Kiwi have started to educate them that the milk bar is not open all day long. Ninja is super interested in her new aunts and uncles, and spend time in the puppy box every chance she gets. I have taken individual photos, as well as a bunch of various photos that can be seen here

 MLH4200  MLH4239  MLH4730  MLH4723

Days/g  0  17 21
Purple 485g 1380g 1680g
Yellow 405g 1105g 1445g
Blue 495g 1535g 1900g
Pink 430g 1140g 1600g
Orange 245g 875g 1060g
Red 440g 1280g 1600g
Brown 420g 1370g 1680g
Green 495g 1405g 1635g
Black 395g 1315g 1610g
Beige 500g 1405g 1600g
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24 days old

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Isi and her puppies are doing great and it is quite special for us to finally have a litter from Isi. They are 24 days old today, and a lot have happened during the last three days. They have moved to a larger puppy box down stairs, they have gotten their first taste of solid food, and they have started to move around a lot more and are very interested in people. They focus more and more on what’s happening around them, and really appreciate human contact. Isi still keep a very close eye on the other dogs when they put their heads in the puppy box, but as long as they are calm and nice to the puppies, Isi is happy. I have taken individual photos of the puppies, as well as a lot of mixed photos that can be viewed here

 MLH4292  MLH4271  MLH4584  MLH4824

Days/g  0  17 21
Blue 385g 955g 1190g
Green 290g 790g 1050g
Red 350g 870g 1135g
Pink 355g 955g 1235g
Purple 355g 900g 1165g
Beige 380g 925g 1175g
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150516 ~ 24 days old

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Getting used to children and sound from game board at the same time 🙂
First day in the puppy box down stairs
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