The puppies are 55 days old today, and today the first puppies leave for their new homes. I can’t believe that the time has flewn by as fast as it has, but I guess the time flies when you are having fun 🙂 When you have 16 puppies at home, as well as 4 adult dogs to take care of, it’s safe to say that it’s not much time left to other things than keeping up with the puppies. I have been home from work since the puppies was 4 weeks old, and I am happy I have the possibility to take such long tome off work, and that I have a very understanding boss!
The puppies have grown for each day, and for each day they have shown more and more personality and temperament. We have taken them car driving a number of times, they have visited my mothers garden like all our litters get to do, they have been to the forrest, to my fathers house, to the beach, to my friend Camilla’s house on the country with 3 younger children and chasing around in our own barn which is a very exiting place for young pups. We have done everything we can to prepare them for the big world, and I am sure they will handle it perfectly. These puppies loves people, they are fearless and curious and they have a high drive for playing and carrying things around. Maybe they have learned a thing or two from the Airedales? 🙂
Look here for individual photos at day 42 and 49, as well as photos from the visit to my mothers garden.

  MLH7009  MLH6746  MLH6696  MLH6804 

Days/g  0  17 21 30 42 49
Purple 485g 1380g 1680g 2380g 4140g 5330g
Yellow 405g 1105g 1445g 2180g 4090g 5565g
Blue 495g 1535g 1900g 2745g 5095g 6600g
Pink 430g 1140g 1600g 2030g 3835g 5215g
Orange 245g 875g 1060g 1670g 3180g 4580g
Red 440g 1280g 1600g 2465g 4280g 5630g
Brown 420g 1370g 1680g 2425g 4695g 6450g
Green 495g 1405g 1635g 2330g 4395g 5870g
Black 395g 1315g 1610g 2385g 4335g 5560g
Beige 500g 1405g 1600g 2465g 4640g 6040g