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7 months ago we were waiting for Kiwi to start her heat, and 5 months ago she finally started her heat… 5 months ago we waited for Kiwi to be mated with Maidens Kalahari Kandy, and hoped that Isi would wait until march before she started her heat. 4.5 months ago Isi started her heat, and 4 months ago Kiwi decided, after 30 days of heat, to mate with Kandy. The exact same day, Isi decided she was ready to be mated with Ayk von Erikson.. And since we could not wait until next heat with either of them, we decided to go for it!
To our delight, and surprise, both Kiwi and Isi got pregnant, and April 22, 2015 our D-litter and E-litter was born. We managed to deliver two litters the same day, with great help from my mother Marit, and Kiwi’s co-owners Hilde and Stig. Both births was finished within 4 hours each, and there was no complications. I am grateful that everything went to smoothly! So the next 2 months we have been occupied with raising the little monsters, and to my big delight, Kiwi and Isi could go together with their puppies, from 6 weeks of age, as one big happy family. They have been in their own puppy boxes during the nights, but spent time together outside during the days. Even though much work, busy times and little sleep, it has been a wonderful time. We have spent many hours driving around with the pups divided into smaller groups, visiting friends, going to the forest and giving them many experiences. It has been very interesting to see how different these two litters have been, even though they are born on the same day. Breed differences for sure! But now I am very happy to be back in our daily routines, being back at work and giving the other dogs the attention they need. 
The puppies have gotten their own individual pages on the website, the D-litter here and the E-litter here. We have also updated the D-litter puppy blog and E-litter puppy blog with the last update with photos of them and their new families. 
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