Our A-litter is 4 years old today

2017-05-07T18:44:35+00:00July 8th, 2015|News 2015|

Today our A-litter turns 4 years old, happy birthday Varga, Enya, Juba, Maggie, Juno, Hektor, Leon, Kaizer, Aragorn and Kani! Everyone is still healthy and happy, and they have turned into the most loyal and friendly companions you can imagine. Maggie have given birth to 10 wonderful puppies in our C-litter, from wich we kept our beloved Ninja, and Hektor have sired 11 wonderful puppies at Kennel Anzantra in Sweden. I hope you all get some extra attention and that your owners spoil you a little extra today 🙂

 MLH5468  MLH5998  MLH6529  MLH7415