Ninja and Isi in rally obedience

2017-05-05T11:13:25+00:00September 16th, 2015|News 2015|

Last weekend I had entered Ninja and Isi in Rally Obedience class 1 and 2, respectively. Ninja is only 14 months old, and her head is sometimes filled with flies and the concentration is not always the best. But, she need the competition training, because after all, I have ambitions competing with her like I did with grandfather Sheriff. Ninja did a super job, following me nicely all the way, she was not bothered by all the other dogs and people around the ring, and her concentration was perfect all the way from start to end. To my delight, we were rewarded with 185/200 points and 1.Prize, which means our first leg towards the RL1 title! We became #7 of almost 30 dogs, well done of such a young dog! 

Isi never lets me down, and neither did she this time! The mistakes we did, is because of me, and Isi just does like she is told. She’s the most honest dog I ever had the pleasure of competing with, and she loves to work. We also ended up with 186/200 points, which is 1.prize and leg towards the RL2 title. This is actually Isi’s 2nd leg in class 2, but due to some miscalculations from myself regarding time after giving birth to puppies, I myself withdraw the first result. So we will for sure competing more this fall! 

We had the pleassure of having Isi’s son Chaco here for the weekend, and he joined us at the competition. He is so cool and relaxed, and hopefully he will just as easy to work with as his mother and father 🙂

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