Report from the last months

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It’s been almost 5 months since our D-litter and E-litter came to the world, in the evening of April 22. In total 16 puppies, 10 Rhodesian Ridgebacks and 6 Airedale Terriers. I was blessed with wonderful puppy buyers, and all the puppies got to go to loving and caring homes. Now the puppies are 5 months old in 3 days, and they are all doing great. Most of them have lost their puppy teeth to their owners big delight, and especially the ridgebacks have used their teeth quite a lot 😉 The reports have been good, and no one have had big issues that couldn’t be solved or explained with some guidance for either me, our Wayosi community or their puppy school instructors. Now a new era begins, and in a couple of months the little ones will start their puberty with all the ups and downs that follows. But I am sure this period also will go smoothly, and sooner than we know they will be grown up.. Close to all puppies have attended one or several puppy classes, some have attended tracking courses, and some have shown their paws in puppy shows already with BOB and BOS as result.  

I have not found the time to update the website with photos etc from the puppies this summer, but the last couple of days I have updated each puppies album a little bit with photos I have gotten, and stolen from Facebook profiles of the owners 🙂 Hopefully the albums will be filled up with new photos during their first year of life! 

Other than that the rest of the Wayosies have been around a little bit. Nixon has competed in rally obedience several times, and scores higher and higher points each time. Him and Bente have gotten their first 1.prize in class 1, and I am sure more will follow shortly. Maggie has been showing her feet in the show ring with excellent and placements in strong Open classes. FiaKiwi and Kiito have attended rally obedience classes, Nicki has attended obedience classes and Ninja and Kiito have attended blood tracking class. Some dogs have underwent some surgeries as well, and everyone is good to go again. Juba has been castrated, Aragorn has been castrated due to over production of testosterone, Buddy has removed a non descended testicle and Ted has first recovered from a complicated surgery after complete tendon rupture earlier this year, and then removed a DS in his neck. But they are all fit for fight again, and I am happy to see that we have not had any serious health issues to speak off so far!

In a couple of weeks we will do mentality test in Sweden with 7 dogs, and I can’t wait to see how the dogs will react. Mentality in dogs is one of my biggest passions as breeder, and I never get tired of watching mentality tests. So I look forward to an eventful weekend, and I will publish full report afterwards 🙂

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