More grandchildren from Sheriff planned for 2015/2016

2017-05-05T11:11:03+00:00September 22nd, 2015|News 2015|

During 2015 and 2016 there are several planned litters with offsprings from Sheriff, and we are looking forward to welcome more grandchildren to the world! Sheriff so far has 3 grandchildren litters, which has turned out quite well if I may say so myself. So of course we are looking forward to see the results of these planned litters as well! 🙂

Sabaku Inus Chocoreto of Sheriff ~ Aka and Sabaku Inus Chie of Sheriff ~ Cayenne will both have litters at Sabaku Inus kennel during 2016.

Sabaku Inus Chikako of Sheriff ~ Kiiro will sire a litter in Norway winter 2015/2016 at Kennel Kelango, with Kelango’s Arif Beautiful Troja. There are also one other litter planned for Kiiro during winter 2015/1016, but not official yet.

Our own Wayosi Anything But Ordinary ~ Hektor will sire a litter 2015/2016 with Shavano’s One and Only Alva ~ Alva at Veckdalby’s kennel in Sweden.