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Mentality test with 7 Wayosies

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The first weekend in October we travelled to Sweden with 7 Wayosi dogs – NixonFiaNinjaNickiKiitoPoppy and Maggie, for mentality test (MT) by Svenske Jägareforbundet in Sätra, Karlsborg. This is one of my favorite mentality tests for dogs, and we recommend this test for everyone, even though it is unofficial at the time being. Most dogs we travelled with are still very young, and this test is a quite hard test for such young dogs. Their age are taken into account when we summarize the results, and the main goal with this test is to know a little more about the mental qualites of our dogs, and how we could use these experients in the training of these young dogs to get the best possible dog when grown up. An official test is planned for the B- and C-litter in May 2016.

We got to know our dogs even better, and we got the answer to some questions we had wondered about. In general I am proud to have bred playful, social and kind dogs with good nerves, and we all learned a thing or three about how we should continue the obedience training to form the best dog possible. A lot of photos from the tests can bee seen HERE. Protocol and video can bee seen at the respective dogs pages. 

 MLH0030  MLH9975  MLH9902  MLH0197

2018-01-01T17:58:54+00:00October 3rd, 2015|News 2015|